Saturday, March 10, 2012

kid, you're killing me Part II

I sent him to school with a concussion.
What was that he said about being really good at being a mom?
So good I thought ice and children's advil and a super-watchful eye through the night was enough.
It's not, apparently...
Parents...if your kid slams their noggin on the pavement, get them to the doc.
Or at least call the doc.
Even if they only cry for a minute and insist on running back outside so as to not miss out on any more excitement with their buddies.
Even if their pupils are fine and their gait is fine and their appetite is fine...
Even if they wake up bright & early in great spirits cheering for Fridaaaay (!)...

While at the pediatrician this afternoon, my kid told the doc just how great Fridays are at school ("We get to, like, do whatever we want for pretty much a whole hour when we get to school and we get a soft pretzel every Friday") I guess he held out on admitting he felt queasy or had a "weird headache" til after pretzels?
Is this the thought process of a first-grader who is undecided about making the trek to the nurse's office?

In any case, I should thank the school nurse for saving me from myself...she called while I was wielding that goofy scanner at Target upon being politely informed by my sister-in-law that my registry was "weak" and I needed to "add stuff."

I'm so clueless.
And I feel weird about soliciting innocent family & friends via a registry for random household goods just because we're getting married.
On the other hand, I don't want to hear that bullsh*t about wasn't she married already before?
Cause guess what? Bill wasn't.
And we'd sure like a new cake stand! and sheets! and wine glasses!

So, yeah, my adventure in Target was cut short thanks to a call from the school nurse.

Really good at being a mom.


Therese Given said...

I hope you didn't have to hear that comment made about you. Your marriage to Bill is definitely worthy of a celebration (grand or low-key) and you both deserve a fresh start complete with all the Target goods you both should desire compliments of VERY willing friends & family. Stop over thinking it and get to work sprucing up that registry!! Oh & tell Max I hope his noggin feels better soon.

Kim said...

awww, thanks, Therese!