Saturday, March 17, 2012

a week off

st. germaine, gin, club soda, rosemary, orange slice, crushed ice

keep it classy

bridal shower card made by my friend, Amy

gathering glassware and vessels for spring flowers at the reception 
Our office was closed for the week and I took full advantage of the beautiful weather...
With six solid days on the bike (and two long rides on the single), I feel pretty confident about upcoming Singlespeedpalooza (at one of my favorite race destinations, Stewart State Forest).
Who am I kidding?
I'm not thinking about racing at all right now...
I'm thinking about walking down the aisle trail.
I'm thinking about finding a cute swimsuit for the honeymoon.
I'm thinking about sunny beaches and cotton dresses and sandals.
I'm thinking about how grateful I am for all the encouragement and support we've been blessed with along the way from our amazing friends.
I'm thinking about the lovely women I am privileged to work with every day and the over-the-top bachelorette/shower festivities they surprised me with the other night.
I'm thinking about the thoughtful sentiments and words of kindness we keep hearing and it all makes me blush and feel humbled. 
I'm thinking about getting married.
To Bill.

With three weeks to go, it pretty much consumes my every thought.
It's like Christmas Eve night after night after night...

So, yeah, I rode French Creek two ways, two days...
I hit Middle Run/White Clay both Wednesday and today...
I looped through Harmony Hill a couple times and also managed to sneak in a few hikes with friends...
It's been an active week, but racing is the furthest thing from my mind.
I've been having the most fun on the trails lately than I have in a long time...acquiring fitness and feeling confident about the season ahead is a bonus.     

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