Sunday, April 29, 2012

judge morris/white clay/middle run

Early start.
Arm warmers at the end of April.
Lively band of polite Columbian mountain bikers (accompanied by music).
Mud puddles.
Gears for a change.
Low pressure.
An hour to warm up.
Colder than some of the February rides this year.
Hair that's now long enough for a ponytail.
Two guys that want to go faster than I can right now.
Chattery roots.
Old loops.
A little air.
New trail.
Huckleberry gel.
Favorite gloves.
One old shoe, one new(er) shoe (oops).
No jerks.
One brief hanger-on.
One good push.
Michoacana Grill stop (and my dad never stops).
Long. ass. nap.

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