Saturday, April 21, 2012

One of Many (Part II)...Getting hitched at the ruins

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trail markers courtesy of Ron & Kathleen & Campbell
my brother playing as I walked down the trail with my dad 

flowers in my hair courtesy of good friend, Toni

Bill & I had our first date on the trails of Harmony Hill...
We met at the parking lot "up top" on Skelp Level Road.
I can't remember what I wore on my first date, but I can tell you I was riding my rigid 26in Litespeed and Bill was on his Salsa.
We sized each other each other's bikes up and giddily set off into the woods.
After looping through all of Harmony Hill (and then some), we met each other for beers and burgers.
We haven't spent more than a day apart since.

Upon getting engaged this past fall, wedding plans fell into place serendipitously...
After a few email exchanges with the woman in charge of parks in the township, the notion of getting hitched on the trails we first rode together (and weekly since) became a reality.
There were moments of panic when I chastised myself for planning a wedding in the woods in April, but Bill kept assuring me that everything would be "fiiiiiiiiine."
And it was.

Thanks for joining me as I recount one of the best days of my life...there are more stories and pictures to come. Only two weeks have passed since the wedding and it is still sinking in, little by little, just how great our day was. I'm sure in no time there will be race reports or rides that inspire a post, but for now I am still a bride who is positively reveling.  

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