Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Sometimes I come home from a hurried ninety minute ride and proceed to tear up my kitchen like I just finished a twenty-four hour race.

If I am not careful, I will eat this entire bucket of Trader Joe's cinnamon schoolbook cookies.

This has been a hard week...(it is only Wednesday).
Monday morning I got word that a very dear family member/friend had passed away.
Last time I saw Denny was at my parent's house, on the deck, enjoying a beer and good food.
He was healthy and honestly, it wasn't that long ago.

His daughter, my cousin, is my age and her relationship with her dad very closely parallels the relationship I have with mine.
And our dads were close friends... friends from back in the day (like way before my time).
Our moms are best friends from grade you can imagine, our families have been pretty tight. 
We shared many adventures at the Gunks, out west, and certainly closer to home...
Denny was so full of energy and I could always count on him to pull me out onto the dance floor, when nobody else was ready (or tipsy enough) to dance yet.
He was that exuberant and enthusiastic and into it...although I could barely keep up, I was just happy to be out there dancing.

rest in peace...

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