Thursday, May 31, 2012

feels like a Friday to me...

I'm on vacation this week...
The office is closed and my son is still in school, which leave me to enjoy 5 days off with very little obligations or commitments.
Obligations and commitments include:

lunch with a bestie

outdoor adventures on Memorial Day

sipping cold drinks on the back porch

procuring cute and functional things for our home

baking a strawberry buckle with local fruit straight from the farm
 And it's not even Friday yet...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Paradise Farm Camp (our wedding reception)

our table


first dance as Mr. & Mrs.


Sara and Travis

kid stuff

the same chimney I climbed when I was a kid

party shoes & Perrier Jouet

"got to give it up..."

Todd and Beth


bride and son


Lindsey (great dress!!)


Bride and brother gettin down to some Black Keys

perfect end to a perfect day
Some details about a very memorable night at Camp:
  • all photography courtesy of Jeremy Berg
  • music by DJ Kim Alexander of No Macarena (so much fun to work with)
  • dinner catered by Joan Ockey, Paradise Farm's amazing camp cook (she made all our favorite, healthy fare such as grilled rosemary chicken, tortellini with sundried tomatoes, roasted potatoes, fresh asparagus...Joan and her team truly blew our minds with their talent and hospitality)
  • We walked in to the Beastie Boy's "Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament" as Mr.&Mrs. Bill and Kim Showers with son, Max
  • Bride & Groom's first dance: "Nothing to Hide" by Diego Garcia
  • Bride & father's dance: "Got to Give it Up" by Marvin Gaye (in which we encouraged everyone to get out on the dance floor with us)
  • Cake by Cakes and Candies by Maryellen (we each chose a flavor for the three layers...Max chose pink champagne with strawberry buttercream, I chose coconut cake with raspberry filling, Bill chose pound cake with strawberry filling)...the cake was ridiculously awesome and even more awesome for breakfast the next day!
  • Cake cutting song: "Home" by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes (in which all three of us cut a slice)
  • Flowers by incredibly creative good friend, Toni Ogborn
  • Favors by Bill, the groom...homemade salted caramels
  • Table markers made by me with assistance from my cousin, Therese...we used copies of the trail maps from the Kingdom Trails, VT (where we were engaged) and cut them into hearts
  • toasts given by Ron, ("out-of-town") Sara, and my dad (BP)   
  • the guest book was a modified journal gifted to me from my friend, Lisa...she knows I love owls (who doesn't) and thought the journal fit in with our rustic, wooded wedding theme 
  • My dad built a campfire as the reception ended...some friends stayed by the fire and my brother played acoustic guitar
Thank you for reading and for sharing our day...Although we were only engaged for six months, the wedding was so much fun to plan. I love how involved our families and friends were, woven through all the little details that made our day ours.