Thursday, May 10, 2012

french's (also) a no

On the Rocks at French Creek, my favorite race, takes place on Saturday and once again, I am bowing out.
Although this year's less punishing course features French Creek's finest, flowy-est trails, the fact remains there are rocks and challenges place to test my mettle in the state I'm in.
I am pretty much f*cked if I crash/fall and hit my head again anytime soon, so...


It's been a little over a month since the concussion.
I have been riding and trying not to be timid...
it's been difficult to find a be careful, yet regain confidence.
So, I've been riding the smoother trails and avoiding the favorites (French Creek).
For now.

Interestingly, TBR has taken on the French Creek race this year (passed over by East Coast Dirtbags, who adopted it from Bean's before that) I've been a part of this particular race for many years now.
I'll be at the registration table and out & about on the course helping out and doing my thing.
Just not my number plate/race-y thing.

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