Saturday, May 19, 2012

a mom

snowing flower petals
My bike and I are kinda disconnected these days (no sad face).
My wish for Mother's Day was to sleep as late as I wanted and spend the day outside with my family.
After breakfast in bed (!), we packed a picnic and headed to one of my favorite parks.
The weather was perfect...perfect day for a ride, but also a perfect day for lounging on a blanket in the middle of a field.
We explored and followed paths and quite literally frolicked in a meadow catching snow flakes/flower petals.
My kid was so happy and loving and all about giving me a great day. Sometimes, his thoughtfulness is just staggering. Sometimes, I'm like, "how did I get so lucky with this??"

I'll get back together with the bike soon...sometimes a break is good (especially when it doesn't involve illness or injury).

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Anonymous said...

No matter what life brings our way, the bike is always there for us when we are ready. Sure, "she" might be pissed, make us hurt a bit, make us feel unwelcomed at first. Eventually, it will feel like we never parted ways.

And just like relationships between people, the bond is ofter stronger after some time together.

You do have a wonderful life, with or without the bike.