Friday, June 29, 2012

13 weeks

Happy to say I feel pretty great right now...
the magical second trimester has brought a bit more energy, a ravenous appetite, and C cups (hell yes).

My belly has went from mushy early pregnancy mystery chunk to round, firm baby bump literally overnight.

I packed up all the clothes that I won't be wearing from now til sometime in 2013 and made room for the creative non-maternity clothing I've been slowly accumulating. My jeans still (kinda) fit, but I know those days are numbered.

I don't miss caffeine or beer or ripping fast descents at French Creek (yet...ask me in the fall).
I miss green tea.

I am happy to feel human again and finally enjoy this pregnancy.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

the wiss was kind to me...(and so was the birthday girl)

Today I was lucky to be one of 50ish folks to join Anne Rock's Birthdaypalooza ride at the Wiss.

We gathered at the Inn and followed Anne, doing the Wiss her way (M assured me this meant not much climbing and lots of chatter...perfect).
Happily, I relegated myself to the back of the pack with Diane Grim...we called ourselves Preggers & Practicing, respectively.

After two and a half solid hours in the woods, Bill and I bailed to ride the cinders back to our car...Upon feeling a bit fatigued (and famished) on the Other Other Side, I decided it was in my best interest to avoid making mistakes and getting hurt.
We truly had a great morning riding fun trails and catching up with friends.

Oddly, I felt much safer and confident riding the Wiss than I did at Marsh Creek last weekend (where I had a mini-meltdown fifteen minutes into the ride, likely fueled by heat, hormones, and a stubborn horsefly).
Riding so cautiously, I've learned lately, takes a lot of energy...I'm happy to be in the back of the pack and I'm happy to be in any pack at all right now.
Honestly, I am reveling in feeling absolutely no pressure whatsoever to prove anything to myself or anyone else on the bike, on the trails.
My competitive edge is all but gone and it feels rather liberating...
Truly just enjoying the ride.


Saturday, June 23, 2012


Feeling good enough to bring the SS back into the rotation...
even if it's only fifteen miles of ego-free cruising around middle run/white clay. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

yes day

I can't take back the past eight weeks of being testy and impatient and short with my kid.
Luckily, he is smart and incredibly empathetic and he gets it...
but, I still can't take back the "not right now" (or not at all) "I'm too tired to play/watch/ride/walk/do" "I don't feel well" "I'm too pukey" too this, too that, too pregnant...
Now that I am feeling human again, I can make up a little bit of lost time...
Today was Yes Day/Max Day.
Yes, we can go to Penn's Table for breakfast.
Yes, you may order double bacon and french toast and pancakes.
Yes, we can go to the museum with the dinosaur bones and bugs and cheesy dioramas.
Yes, you may have a Slurpee.
Yes, you may have the medium Slurpee. (first time I'd been in a 7-11 in years)
Yes, we can make a fort.
Yes, we can use all the pillows in the house.
Yes, we can eat lunch up here.
Yes, we can leave all the toys out.
Yes, you can go swimming in the rain. (but, NO, not if there is lightning!)
Yes, you can stay up late.
Yes, you may sleep in our room.

Days like this are few and far between, but I think it's harmless to indulge my kid this way once in a great while.
Who doesn't need a Yes Day?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Feels like a hundred degrees out there today...
I nudged Bill to go ride anyway.
"Sewell." I said, hinting at his next race.
Maybe in a cruel way I am living vicariously through his riding/racing pursuits...

I'm still hitting the trails, but at a much gentler clip.

And certainly not in this heat.
That sh*t is for crazy people.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It's just peas smashed with fresh herbs and a little pecorino on toast...glorious, though.
We are finally making use of the Feed Zone.
Now that my appetite has returned, I am trying to eat well and make up for the past eight or ten weeks of feeling like a picky, nauseated toddler.

twelve weeks tomorrow...first trimester BOOM.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

riding for two...Nockamixon at eleven weeks, 4 days

Eleven weeks pregnant means the nausea is subsiding, the belly is growing, and fatigue is still very much present.
On the bike, I am still relatively comfortable, but markedly slower...I simply can't crash or fall at high speeds, no exception.
Nockamixon proved to be a pretty solid choice for a morning on the mountain bike...
Not too technical, not much (any?) elevation, yet fun, twisty trails.
Perfect for the expecting rider.

Initially, I was frustrated about being unable to keep up with my dad and Bill, but that only lasted until I reminded myself that I am building a human.
I am lucky to be on my bike enjoying the my new found slower pace, I am more aware of the landscape and changing scenery around me.
Although I am not pushing hard, I'm still riding.

These days, I am much more inclined to listen to my body and call it quits if need be. Yesterday, after maybe thirty aggravating minutes on the trails at Marsh Creek, I pulled the plug. Although I wasn't particularly sore following the five mile run, the seemingly innocuous effort caught up with me and said,
" are done. Rest."
The three hour nap that ensued left no doubt in my mind that this nearly-lime-sized being inhabiting my uterus is indeed the boss of me.
(for now)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

race number

Tonight I did a local five mile trail run at Harmony Hill...
That is a picture of my eleven week belly.
That is me with a number pinned to a loose fitting tee, not the side of a snug skin suit.

The run was challenging...trails I am ridiculously familiar with both on foot and bike were a bit more painful with a little competition thrown in the mix.
I am a slow "runner", but I learned that I am rather tenacious around other (real) runners...especially when my dad and husband are out there on the course heckling marshaling.
My dad, of course, had a cowbell in full effect at his intersection.

I am starting to feel better.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

yielding to a fig (eleven weeks)

Baby is the size of a fig now. Being bossed around by something so small means:
  • turning in before dark some nights
  • opting to stay inside and organize closets instead of braving a ride in ninety degree heat
  • searching supermarket aisles for Frankenberry cereal to no avail ("Mom, that only comes out at Halloween..." since when?!) 
  • buying new bras (these new curves I don't's what's going on everywhere else that's got me a bit anxious)
  • letting my roots get painfully long...I need would really like my highlights to be touched up, but I am waiting til the second trimester 
  • tempering the long, flowy, fastest descents at Middle Run and White Clay
  • allowing myself to daydream about what is going to unfold over roughly the next six months (and beyond)...boy or girl? names? what will baby look like? how big will this belly get? 
and perhaps the most noteworthy of all:
  • putting sweatpants on after work (although most of my clothes still "fit", sweatpants make more sense on a dreary day like this...I know, I know...slippery slope blah blah blah)

Friday, June 8, 2012

kicking my ass

"How do you feel?"

I feel like hell.
I am not going to lie...making a human is kicking my ass this time.
Is it my Advanced Maternal Age status?
(why does that make me snicker?)
Rounding the corner to eleven weeks, I am pretty destroyed.
Hopefully, I will feel more human and less too-busy-building-a-human-thus-incapable-of-eating-sleeping-etc. in a few weeks.
That's how this supposedly works, right?
That's what my updated edition of the Book With the Ugly Cover tells me.

The lowdown:
Still riding every chance I get...luckily, heart rate parameters are a bit more understood and relaxed than the first time I was pregnant. My activity isn't really restricted, other than avoiding technical mountain biking, as falling/crashing would obviously be ill-advised.
My OB told me to use common sense...I intend to keep riding as long as I am comfortable on my bike(s). On trails, I'll dismount for anything remotely questionable and descend conservatively. I'm sure my days on even the smoothest trails are somewhat numbered and that's fine with me.
On the road, I'll be mindful about spiking my heart rate on sustained or steep climbs and not get overheated.
I have nothing to prove...I just want to stay as active as I am able, even if it means meandering rides on less demanding routes at a touring pace.

Riding makes me happy...if I am happy, my pregnancy can only benefit from that.

Like I said, this baby is kicking my ass right now.
I don't have much energy and eating is sort of a joke.
Morning sickness is actually 24/7 constant queasiness.
My diet is not unlike a picky toddler's right now...plain toast, saltines, plain pasta (in chicken broth if I am feeling brave), boxed (gasp!)'s pathetic.

What this means for riding is sometimes I feel great enough to conquer three hours on the road and sometimes 30 minutes in the dirt is more than I can handle.
Either way is fine.
I am not training...I am making a baby.

And that's pretty awesome.


Monday, June 4, 2012

the souvenir...

This is, apparently, what we brought home from Florida...(what, is that TMI?)
This is Max's little brother or sister, just about the size of a small strawberry.
We couldn't be happier (or more surprised)...yay!

Friday, June 1, 2012


It's kinda gray outside this morning and I just want to go back...
Next time, I will show you what we brought home from Florida. 


had a great ride with Cati...
trails were super.
"want do a sh*tty climb with a really fun descent?"
that part was overgrown, as I knew it would be...
but, worth it.
"I feel like we're gonna see a snake up here..."
sadly, nope.
sick of the goobers out there without helmets, without regard for anyone or anything else around them.
two young kids passed us, running, up the long rocky climb...
"thanks, kids, that was completely demoralizing..." 
fun evening in the woods on my bike.