Friday, June 8, 2012

kicking my ass

"How do you feel?"

I feel like hell.
I am not going to lie...making a human is kicking my ass this time.
Is it my Advanced Maternal Age status?
(why does that make me snicker?)
Rounding the corner to eleven weeks, I am pretty destroyed.
Hopefully, I will feel more human and less too-busy-building-a-human-thus-incapable-of-eating-sleeping-etc. in a few weeks.
That's how this supposedly works, right?
That's what my updated edition of the Book With the Ugly Cover tells me.

The lowdown:
Still riding every chance I get...luckily, heart rate parameters are a bit more understood and relaxed than the first time I was pregnant. My activity isn't really restricted, other than avoiding technical mountain biking, as falling/crashing would obviously be ill-advised.
My OB told me to use common sense...I intend to keep riding as long as I am comfortable on my bike(s). On trails, I'll dismount for anything remotely questionable and descend conservatively. I'm sure my days on even the smoothest trails are somewhat numbered and that's fine with me.
On the road, I'll be mindful about spiking my heart rate on sustained or steep climbs and not get overheated.
I have nothing to prove...I just want to stay as active as I am able, even if it means meandering rides on less demanding routes at a touring pace.

Riding makes me happy...if I am happy, my pregnancy can only benefit from that.

Like I said, this baby is kicking my ass right now.
I don't have much energy and eating is sort of a joke.
Morning sickness is actually 24/7 constant queasiness.
My diet is not unlike a picky toddler's right now...plain toast, saltines, plain pasta (in chicken broth if I am feeling brave), boxed (gasp!)'s pathetic.

What this means for riding is sometimes I feel great enough to conquer three hours on the road and sometimes 30 minutes in the dirt is more than I can handle.
Either way is fine.
I am not training...I am making a baby.

And that's pretty awesome.


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