Sunday, June 17, 2012

riding for two...Nockamixon at eleven weeks, 4 days

Eleven weeks pregnant means the nausea is subsiding, the belly is growing, and fatigue is still very much present.
On the bike, I am still relatively comfortable, but markedly slower...I simply can't crash or fall at high speeds, no exception.
Nockamixon proved to be a pretty solid choice for a morning on the mountain bike...
Not too technical, not much (any?) elevation, yet fun, twisty trails.
Perfect for the expecting rider.

Initially, I was frustrated about being unable to keep up with my dad and Bill, but that only lasted until I reminded myself that I am building a human.
I am lucky to be on my bike enjoying the my new found slower pace, I am more aware of the landscape and changing scenery around me.
Although I am not pushing hard, I'm still riding.

These days, I am much more inclined to listen to my body and call it quits if need be. Yesterday, after maybe thirty aggravating minutes on the trails at Marsh Creek, I pulled the plug. Although I wasn't particularly sore following the five mile run, the seemingly innocuous effort caught up with me and said,
" are done. Rest."
The three hour nap that ensued left no doubt in my mind that this nearly-lime-sized being inhabiting my uterus is indeed the boss of me.
(for now)

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