Sunday, June 24, 2012

the wiss was kind to me...(and so was the birthday girl)

Today I was lucky to be one of 50ish folks to join Anne Rock's Birthdaypalooza ride at the Wiss.

We gathered at the Inn and followed Anne, doing the Wiss her way (M assured me this meant not much climbing and lots of chatter...perfect).
Happily, I relegated myself to the back of the pack with Diane Grim...we called ourselves Preggers & Practicing, respectively.

After two and a half solid hours in the woods, Bill and I bailed to ride the cinders back to our car...Upon feeling a bit fatigued (and famished) on the Other Other Side, I decided it was in my best interest to avoid making mistakes and getting hurt.
We truly had a great morning riding fun trails and catching up with friends.

Oddly, I felt much safer and confident riding the Wiss than I did at Marsh Creek last weekend (where I had a mini-meltdown fifteen minutes into the ride, likely fueled by heat, hormones, and a stubborn horsefly).
Riding so cautiously, I've learned lately, takes a lot of energy...I'm happy to be in the back of the pack and I'm happy to be in any pack at all right now.
Honestly, I am reveling in feeling absolutely no pressure whatsoever to prove anything to myself or anyone else on the bike, on the trails.
My competitive edge is all but gone and it feels rather liberating...
Truly just enjoying the ride.


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SaSaSandie said...

Most important right now is taking care of you in any way you deem proper. So happy for you. *hugs*