Friday, June 22, 2012

yes day

I can't take back the past eight weeks of being testy and impatient and short with my kid.
Luckily, he is smart and incredibly empathetic and he gets it...
but, I still can't take back the "not right now" (or not at all) "I'm too tired to play/watch/ride/walk/do" "I don't feel well" "I'm too pukey" too this, too that, too pregnant...
Now that I am feeling human again, I can make up a little bit of lost time...
Today was Yes Day/Max Day.
Yes, we can go to Penn's Table for breakfast.
Yes, you may order double bacon and french toast and pancakes.
Yes, we can go to the museum with the dinosaur bones and bugs and cheesy dioramas.
Yes, you may have a Slurpee.
Yes, you may have the medium Slurpee. (first time I'd been in a 7-11 in years)
Yes, we can make a fort.
Yes, we can use all the pillows in the house.
Yes, we can eat lunch up here.
Yes, we can leave all the toys out.
Yes, you can go swimming in the rain. (but, NO, not if there is lightning!)
Yes, you can stay up late.
Yes, you may sleep in our room.

Days like this are few and far between, but I think it's harmless to indulge my kid this way once in a great while.
Who doesn't need a Yes Day?


Jen Morrell said...

Loved this post, Kim. So well-written and it hit home!

Kim said...

thanks, Jen...I think we'd be hard pressed to find a parent who hasn't found themselves struggling with this one!