Tuesday, June 12, 2012

yielding to a fig (eleven weeks)

Baby is the size of a fig now. Being bossed around by something so small means:
  • turning in before dark some nights
  • opting to stay inside and organize closets instead of braving a ride in ninety degree heat
  • searching supermarket aisles for Frankenberry cereal to no avail ("Mom, that only comes out at Halloween..." since when?!) 
  • buying new bras (these new curves I don't mind...it's what's going on everywhere else that's got me a bit anxious)
  • letting my roots get painfully long...I need would really like my highlights to be touched up, but I am waiting til the second trimester 
  • tempering the long, flowy, fastest descents at Middle Run and White Clay
  • allowing myself to daydream about what is going to unfold over roughly the next six months (and beyond)...boy or girl? names? what will baby look like? how big will this belly get? 
and perhaps the most noteworthy of all:
  • putting sweatpants on after work (although most of my clothes still "fit", sweatpants make more sense on a dreary day like this...I know, I know...slippery slope blah blah blah)

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