Sunday, July 1, 2012


Cupcakes or mix tape?
I can't sleep...
It might be nice to surprise Max with cupcakes when he comes home from the weekend at his dad's...
to celebrate our upcoming week off together.

My aunt Kathy recently remarked, "Are you always on vacation or does it just seem that way?"
Well, I only have ten hours left of paid office seems to close more than my alotted vacation time can cover. Much of my time off is unpaid time off, but I make it work.
Every weekend is a three day weekend and that was the hardest thing to give up when I left for nine months to manage loathe the bike shop.
(side note: the bike shop brought my husband and I together...I don't know about fate, and I am pretty sure we would have eventually crossed paths, but probably not in an orthodontic office...just sayin)  

So, no, I am not always on vacation...and even though I only work four days a week, the days are long and full and hectic and fast-paced and I see some really bad hygiene.
(and I like it...except for the bad hygiene...that still skeeves me out)



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