Monday, July 30, 2012

change of scenery...Allegrippis Trails

Honestly, I'm kind of tired of my weekly jaunt to Middle Run/White's been fun getting (overly) familiar with those trails, but I needed something somewhere else.
Saturday morning, Bill suggested Raystown.
I love a spur of the moment road trip and hastily packed a bag and gathered some gear.
Four hours later, we were on the trails and enjoying a much needed change of scenery.
That night, we ate at Boxer's and walked around felt like vacation.
We reflected on the fact that we have five (!) solid months until we are the parents of a newborn baby. Our days of picking up and flying out the door at a moment's notice to explore faraway trails are numbered.
Eager to ride, we were on our bikes again by 8 the next morning...we were treated to more flowy trails, perfect conditions and a cool breeze. 
I didn't realize until we were back home last night, but I really needed to recharge.
It's amazing what a difference twenty-nine hours can make.
Just over two years ago, we stopped at the same bench for a quick break and photo op...we had been together for only a month and change, but I already knew I wanted Bill to stick around for good.

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