Saturday, July 21, 2012

drizzly & loud

After a crazy-hectic week at work (peppered with my first migraine during pregnancy), it felt great to take a long walk in the cool drizzle yesterday afternoon.
Even though I was chased by two tiny yip-yap dogs, even though I lamented that it was the perfect kind of rain for riding, I enjoyed every step.

I haven't so much as glanced at the cross schedule, yet I am sure I will be there on the sidelines, with cowbell in hand. Although I was kind of ambivalent and ho-hum about cross this time last year, the bug did indeed eventually bite and it wasn't long before I was in the throes of yet another season grazing the tape and longing for mud.

Wednesday night, My dad took me, my friend, and my brother to see the film, "Shut Up and Play the Hits", a documentary about LCD Soundsystem's last performance at MSG.

Beth and I started laughing as we walked ambled awkwardly down my driveway to my dad's waiting car...
this was a scene not unlike many from our youth, as my dad was (is) the cool dad who took us to many great live shows.
This time, however, we were both pregnant and thirty-seven instead of skinny and fourteen.
"She looks more pregnant than you, Kim."
"She is more pregnant than me, dad...jeez."

The movie was the next best thing to being at their live show and the apple-sized baby in my belly unmistakably moved/fluttered during  Us V Them.

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