Friday, July 13, 2012

familiarity (judge morris/middle run/white clay)

Let's skip the part about the bike falling off the rack and get right to the ride...
The ride that, luckily, actually happened after several missteps.

Kathleen led me on the loop she normally rides with Ron, which happens to be the loop I normally ride with Bill...
With consideration to my present state (fifteen weeks pregnant...fifteen already!) and the increasing heat of the day, Kathleen set the ideal, most perfect pace.
There is something great about flowing so smoothly through familiar trails on the wheel of somebody I don't get to ride with very often. I knew where we were headed at every turn and was able to just truly enjoy riding my bike through the woods on a hot, quiet Friday morning. 
Not a bad way to catch up with a friend, that's for sure...

Other than my noticeably rounder mid-section and shortness of breath on the easiest of climbs, I felt almost normal.

We called it after about an hour and a half (had nothing to do with the weird rattle coming from the aforementioned bike that fell off the rack) and that was plenty for me.
This afternoon, Max comes home from a week at the beach with his dad and I want to have some energy left for him.  

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