Monday, August 27, 2012

37 vs 30

Pregnant at 30:
Staying up late, poring enthusiastically over the Book with the Ugly Cover, too excited to sleep.

Pregnant at 37:
Asleep by 9pm, too tired to leaf through trashy gossip mags (the updated Book with the Ugly Cover was abandoned during the first trimester when a frozen bag of strawberries thawed and leaked all over it, rendering it the Book with the Ugly Moldy Cover).

What's up with the frozen strawberries? Gross.
Oh...I was too lazy to make a proper ice pack for a hormone-induced raging headache...I guess I was also too lazy to properly dispose of said "ice pack" and it found a comfortable place to thaw on my bedside table.
Poor, poor Bill...  

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SaSaSandie said...

I think you meant to say "Lucky, Lucky Bill" :-)