Saturday, August 25, 2012

calling it...

"Marsh Creek?"
I couldn't decide where to ride and then it occurred to me...

It's almost September.
Nearly six months pregnant, I've decided to call more moutain biking for me.
At this point, my belly is much bigger (which confounds me because I have only gained eleven pounds so far) and the baby is not as well protected if I fall or crash.
It's not worth it.
I'll still ride the bike paths around here and I have even unearthed my old spinning bike from the basement for some workouts when the weather is perfect for cross bad.

quick aside: Yes, I have an actual Spinning bike...years ago, I spent a few days at U of Penn to become a certified Spinning instructor. To be honest, the music snob in me was the impetus to start teaching. And it was a lot of fun.

Calling it.
I feel lucky to have been able to continue riding trails this far along, but not as lucky as I feel to be carrying a squirming, kicking, very active baby.
As for that very active baby, I caught a glimpse of some freakishly long legs stretched out during our ultrasound last Showers, indeed.

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