Wednesday, August 15, 2012

twenty weeks (only twenty more to go)

Clearly, the focus here has greatly shifted from race reports/riding/adventures on the trails/cross cross cross/practice race repeat  to the occasional ride/mostly musings on my current state (expecting).
If you've stuck with me, thanks...
If you've had enough of my burgeoning belly and pregnancy updates, I invite you to return in the spring.
I'll still be here, working my ass off to balance mothering an infant (and second-grader) and hopefully getting reacquainted with our local mountain bike series.
Time will tell.

Until then, here are my ruminations of being twenty weeks pregnant at age 37 (Advanced Maternal Age, pshhhh, really?)...
I am coming to terms with looking like this:
Guys, it's not that bad.
I have no idea how much weight I've gained, but it's nice to be round and curvy for a change.
Yes, my belly awkwardly bumps the tops of my quads thighs when I am climbing the smallest of hills at White Clay.
I don't have quads anymore.
My leg muscles are definitely less defined thanks to moderate efforts on the easiest terrain, but hey, I'm building a human.
But, I am still moving.
If anything, I am more inclined to go for a long walk in the evening than before I was pregnant. Even after a tiring day at work, it feels almost meditative to wander around the neighborhoods as the days get shorter.
Maternity clothes still suck, though.
Without completely breaking the bank, I found a few cute pieces...cute jeans that won't stay up, for one. I am beyond the little tricks and modifications for my regular clothes and the horrible belly panel on maternity skirts/jeans sucks. Most of the summer dresses and skirts in my closet still fit, but I'll be scrambling a little when the weather turns colder.
So, yeah...I am finally coming to terms with the physical changes.

Emotionally, I am starting to realize it's more than just being pregnant.
It's a family of three becoming four.
It's unending sleep deprivation and choking hazards and constant supervision and running low on diapers and cleaning bottles and even more laundry...
But, it's exciting...
I am getting excited to hold and snuggle a baby again.
Swaddling. Feeding. Stroller adventures. First smiles. First giggles.
First sleeping through the night (okay, with Max that came around nine months...and that was maybe a six hour stretch).

twenty weeks.


Jen Morrell said...

You look wonderful! I switched to easy bike rides and almost daily walks around three months, and was so surprised by how much I truly enjoyed my walks. I'd go out really early in the morning and walk up and down every street in our neighborhood. Doug would tag along sometimes, and he was surprised, too, that he was enjoying them. Definitely meditative/relaxing! We thought rides/runs were it, but walks have something to offer, too. :)

Kim said...

thank you, Jen :)