Sunday, September 23, 2012

Charm City Day Two (guess what? I still wasn't there...)

But, if I was:
Predictably, I always seem to fare better the second day and Charm City is no exception.
Today I just wanted to hold my own and stay (mostly) upright. Although I was DFL, I was happy to plow through the sand on two wheels every lap.
Yay, me.
And I didn't get pulled. 
(until one lap to go...)

Sounds about right.

My weekend really involved too much pasta, maybe some gelato, a perfect autumn hike on my favorite trails, some challenging yoga, warming up by the fire in my parent's backyard, and holding my best friend's perfect, tiny newborn baby girl.
Blows my mind how fast the past twenty-six weeks have passed.

I'm going to celebrate this first full day of fall with a Sweetzel's Spiced Wafer and a cup of hot cocoa, then probably fall asleep while we watch the Hangover (on TNT, so I'm sure all the good stuff is cut out anyway).

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