Sunday, September 2, 2012

I'm sorry, Cleveland

If the claw at Giant hadn't been "Temporarily Out of Order Sorry for the Inconvenience," I would have spent an embarrassing amount of cash trying to rescue Cleveland for my son.
I know it's wrong and I know it's (age) inappropriate, but my son loves Family Guy and has an affinity for Cleveland Brown.
I'd rather my kid watch the Cleveland spin-off than Caillou for reasons that probably deserve their own post.
My son spends most weekends or part of the weekend with his dad...I've learned to choose my battles carefully and admittedly, Family Guy is one I am willing to relent to.
What my son doesn't know (yet) is that I, too, share a fondness for Cleveland Brown.

1 comment:

Therese Given said...

You gotta Be-Cleve! OMG... we love Cleveland! I seriously need this. Let's try and sneak the whole machine out of the store... there's gotta be at least two of him in there ;)