Saturday, September 1, 2012

on quitting

"Mom, if I don't like the club, do I have to keep going?"
"I can quit?"

This is me telling a seven year-old it's okay to quit (and not dancing around semantics and trying to find a nicer way to say "quit").
For what it's worth, we were talking about a Lego Robotics club at school.
I think it's important for kids to try things and stick with them...I get it, I understand the benefit of that.
I also think there is merit in trying new things, finding maybe you're not so into it and having the flexibility to bow out and move on.
I am giving him that flexibility.
I don't think there's harm in that.
In fact, I think there is more harm in making a kid his age suck it up and see it through.
Maybe things will be different when he is older, but for now I want him to have the freedom and confidence to give something a try and not have to worry about sticking with it for the duration if he thinks it sucks.

That's all.
I mean, imagine how miserable I'd be if my parents made me continue taking lessons with that scary ballet instructor.
And if they made me stick with ballet, I may not have moved on to karate or drums or model rockets or...
Or maybe I'd be a principal dancer in the Nutcracker.

who are we kidding? Even at age seven, there wasn't a ballerina bone in my body.

Yeah, I am good with this decision.

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