Wednesday, September 12, 2012

twenty-four weeks...Adapting

Yet again, our office is closed this week. I am broke, but so grateful for the time off.
I am making the most of these quiet, mostly lazy days at home while I can.

This morning I went to the mall.
With my parents.

My dad actually treated me to a pair of cute maternity jeans (there is such a thing...but, they are, like, seventy bucks, so thanks, dad!).
I think that's it for maternity clothes for me. With roughly three and a half months (!) to go, I am going to do my best with what I've got.
Even if it means wearing a threadbare Hello Kitty t-shirt every other day because it's comfy and covers my massive belly entirely.
I thought I was vain, but that was before I willingly ventured out at odd hours in sweatpants and no bra to get my fix of Gummi Cola Bottles and US Weekly.
I'm like a whole new woman...(or something)        

Lately, I'm going through a lazy phase and even that is kicking my ass.
When I was expecting Max, I was pretty smug about being so active, so full of energy, so awesome at being pregnant.
"I taught a spinning class the morning I went into labor...I can still zip up my winter coat...What are stretchmarks?"
This time around has been a bit humbling (thank god) and I have no problem throwing in the towel and giving in to the exhaustion of being a normal thirty-seven year-old working mom who also happens to be pregnant.
I'm pretty good at guilting myself into moving, but the past few days I have found it easy to just chill.

Just. chill.

See, I'm adapting...
Twenty-four weeks and finally, I am adapting and enjoying.
I am going to make a toasted bagel with processed cheese melted on it because that is my favorite thing to eat right now.
My eating habits are back to that of a picky child.
I pack my (picky) son's lunch and it's not too far removed from what I want these days.
Goldfish, "kid soup" (what he calls chicken broth with plain pasta), pretzels.
Max is doing better than me, though, because at least he eats baby carrots.

Putting a lot of faith in those prenatal vitamins these days...

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