Sunday, October 14, 2012

bulking up

Lately, I've been longing to ride.
Fall rides are the best...blah blah blah...but, I've been been logging plenty of hours wandering on trails on my own two feet.
It must be the crunchy leaves underfoot and the smell of autumn in the woods that has me so nostalgic for two wheels and arm warmers.
At Friday's routine OB appointment, my doctor (a legit cyclist himself) asked if I am still mountain biking and assured me I still can.
"Yeah, I haven't been on trails in over a month...I don't exactly fit on the bike anymore. Look at me!"
We both laughed.

I've bulked up about 20 lbs (!) so this point, all I can do is laugh as the numbers climb every time I step on that scale.
With two+ months to go, I'll probably gain somewhere around 30 lbs total.
That sounds like a lot, but apparently is within a healthy range.

Yesterday, we hiked at Ridley Creek (and maybe got a tiny bit lost turned around)...Seven+ months pregnant, one solid hour of vigorous walking and plenty of hills left me pretty destroyed for the rest of the afternoon.
I took a nap just so I could stay awake past dark.

Weekends spent without an alarm or scrambling to pack and travel to races have been quite relaxing.
I said that.

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