Friday, October 12, 2012

on doping

Last night I started reading some of the testimony and affidavits related to the USADA investigation.

I began composing an objective post about my thoughts on the investigation and the witnesses and their testimonies, not to mention the emails, correspondence and photographs submitted as evidence...
But, honestly, I am just grossed out by the whole thing.
I can't even find any eloquent or articulate ways to express how I felt reading the affidavits other than
just. grossed. out.
And Hincapie's testimony left me feeling especially nauseated.

Grossed out by cheating and lying and trying to justify it and grossed out by the lengths some people will go to in order to manipulate their own biology for sport, for livelihood, for "glory."
Grossed out by the smugness.

This isn't me being naive, thinking this wasn't going on or doesn't exist in our sport...I know it has, I know it does...but, reading those affidavits made me feel so uneasy.

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