Thursday, October 4, 2012


While scraping Nutella from the jar with animal crackers earlier, I probably should have been thinking, "it's not going to be easy when I finally get back on the bike this winter..."
What I was actually thinking was, "This is the highlight of my day and Nutella on animal crackers is fucking AWESOME."

I am twenty-eight weeks pregnant.
Roughly ten to twelve weeks from giving birth and bringing home a baby.
Roughly ten to twelve weeks from clutching my belly, doubled over, begging for an epidural before I'm even sure if it's actual labor (if memory serves me correctly).

Lately, I alternate between bouts of pure excitement and complete anxiety.
And these moods strike hardest in the middle of the night after a long day when I really just need sleep.
I better get used to it.

I'm huge, I'm happy, I'm feeling pretty good right now...
Tired, with aching feet, but feeling pretty good.

gratuitous poor quality self-portrait

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