Wednesday, November 7, 2012

33 Weeks (just a big, puffy zombie)

As I was putting braces on a patient this morning, my baby definitely nudged/kicked her in the head.
My patient looked up at me, eyes wide, alarmed.
"Sorry, but I think my baby just kicked you!"
This is becoming a regular occurence as I am running out of personal space

33 weeks in and suddenly I am way more tired at the end of the work day.
By the time I see my last few patients, my hands are almost too swollen for the gloves and my feet are positively aching.
My face is even tired.
When I get home, I need to keep moving or I will collapse in a heap before Jeopardy is on.
I feel like I need to remind myself to talk to my family or engage in some interaction during dinner.
In short, I feel like a puffy zombie.

Knowing I probably won't go down this road again (although I did say that before), I'm determined to really enjoy these last weeks of my pregnancy, in spite of this exhaustion.
Yoga and long walks are satisfying my need to move, though my pace has slowed down quite a bit.
I've noticed after the first mile of a long walk, I feel awesome...after I am good & warmed up, my posture is great, my core feels strong, movement doesn't feel labored or heavy or sloooooow anymore.
Typically, that lasts for a solid mile, maybe a little more, and then I hit a wall again.
Tired, aching, heavy, dragging, (or you know, very pregnant).
I'll take the bloating and the heartburn and the nausea and the jabbing in my ribs and the disgustingly swollen feet and shortness of breath and dark circles under my eyes and waking up to pee every hour all night long and the ever-increasing weight strapped to the front of my body...
it's freaking miraculous and I'm in awe of this whole process, good and bad.
I'll also gladly take my husband lavishing me with encouraging words and the lustrous hair that is finally growing past my shoulders and the best my skin has looked in my thirties and the softest my hands have felt perhaps ever and the lively kicks I get to feel all day long reminding me that Baby Showers is growing and moving and thriving...

I'm not going to say I'll miss this huge belly, but approaching the end of this pregnancy feels bittersweet.

(remind me that at week 40, okay? and don't let me near the castor oil if it comes to that...I've heard the horror stories..thanks)

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