Wednesday, November 14, 2012

34 weeks...steady as she goes

34 weeks...
That leaves only six.
At this point, I am in full-on anticipation/excitement mode.
Wondering...boy or girl? 
Since the beginning, my gut has been "girl", but now I find myself wavering whenever someone (a stranger, typically) scrutinizes my belly and declares, "Oh, a boy for sure."
[yes strangers do this...and often]

I feel shamefully tired pretty much from noon til whenever my sorry ass gets to bed (just shy of 8pm a few nights ago).
Do you know what a body pillow is?
It's like an awkward third party in your bed, a space invader, if you will...
it's a pillow that is as long as me, over-stuffed (like me) and...nevermind.
In any case, Bill tossed one in our cart at Target last weekend, in spite of my bratty protests.
Guess what? I love my body pillow.
Love. Love. Love.
Although it creates a massive divide between me and my husband, it gives me support where I need it and allows me to get some comfortable, quality sleep between countless trips to the bathroom during the night.
I almost feel like I should name it (but, that would be creepy and weird).
(and this is the honeymoon phase??...riiiiight)
So, yeah...
34 weeks.
Me and my behemoth pillow and behemoth belly just holding steady til December.


Velorambling said...

Big fan of the body pillow. I hate when my knees touch while sleeping. I'm one of those men who would probably never survive pregnancy.

Kim said...

I love that you are still checking in and reading despite the lack of bike-related posts...
thanks for reading and let's face it, I don't know many men who would survive pregnancy ;)

(however, it's almost as big a feat to survive a spouse's/significant other's pregnancy...I bet Bill would concur)!