Tuesday, November 27, 2012

36 Weeks (misshapen)

Nearly full term.
Sweet tooth is out of control.
Emotions are out of control.
Swelling at the end of the day is out of control.

My hands fall asleep often...especially at night time.
My belly button is inside out.
My appendix scar is in the middle of my belly (instead of my lower abdomen, directly above my right hip)...I thought it was a stretch mark, but no.
Things are just oddly misplaced and misshapen.

I miss my bike.
This is the longest I have gone without riding in nine years (if you count spinning or riding a trainer when I was pregnant with Max).
This is the least "athletic" I have felt in nine years.

My son will be eight next week. His hands are almost as big as mine.
I can't believe how fast eight years has gone by, how much we have been through together.
I can't believe in a matter of weeks he will be somebody's big brother.

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