Thursday, November 29, 2012


Wissahickon Cross 2009
 I thought about what it's like to race this time of year when I got in my car this morning.
As I waited for the windshield to defrost a bit, I thought of clumsy fingers numb with cold hastily pinning numbers to my skinsuit.
I thought of the end of November and just a handful of races remaining on the calendar.
I thought of those bitter cold moments on the start grid, trying in vain to calmly keep my teeth from chattering.

Getting back on the bike in February is going to be tough.
I haven't had a chance to ease into the falling temps or acclimate myself to winter riding.
Good thing I don't mind bundling up.
Good thing I still have those Toko gloves and a sick sort of affection for the coldest winter adventures.

photo credit: Dennis Smith

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