Friday, November 23, 2012

hospital bag...

It's a bit different than packing for a race (although both require a bag of gummi cola bottles).
I know I did this once before, but all I remember is packing an outfit for the baby and those hideous (and hurtful) Adidas sandals. This time:
  • ipod dock
  • 2 nightshirts
  • my favorite socks
  • real undies (I haven't forgotten about the weird mesh ones provided by the hospital...ewww)
  • a cute Paul Frank robe (scored at Target for $8 on clearance)
  • flip flops
  • toiletries
  • plenty of hair elastics and barrettes (last time I did this my hair was super short)
On our way out, we'll grab the camera, phones, and my pillow. Probably wouldn't hurt to throw in a change of clothes for Bill in the event that I don't have a roommate and he is able to spend the night.
What have I forgotten?

This is happening?


SARA said...


Kim said...

yes...good call.
It's in my toiletries bag :)

The Bikinator said...

Don't forget your phone chargers! I'm getting really excited for you as the date comes closer.

Kim said...

I have a list in the bag of everyday items that will be grabbed on our way out (chargers, ipod, camera, phones,etc)...
thanks, angie :)
Can't wait to announce the arrival of baby Showers!!