Sunday, November 4, 2012


The calendar is quickly filling up with birthday parties, holiday engagements, school activities, work commitments...
and doctor appointments.
OB check-ups every two weeks til I reach 36 weeks, then weekly check-ups until delivery.
And blood work weekly to monitor platelets.
Oh my.

A morning hike at French Creek yielded very tired legs and sore hips.
Two hours seems to be my max these days.
Following familiar lines along trails I've been riding for years, I kept imagining how odd it's going to feel to ride there again.
I wonder how long it will take to get my fitness and confidence back.
I wonder how much that's even going to matter to me once our baby is born.

As we wrapped up our hike and crossed the dam at Scott's Run, somehow my mind wandered to that snowy, icy cross race at Reston several years ago...I remember shivering in the bathroom before the race, puking from nerves (and the flu, as it turned out), struggling to get my gloves back on because my hands were shaking so badly.
I remember the bridge covered in solid ice (as well as perhaps 75% of the course).
I just can't fathom putting myself out there like that again any time soon (out there meaning treacherous conditions, hours and hours from home for a mere 45 minutes of utter punishment).
We shall see...

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