Sunday, December 30, 2012

boot camp starts...soon

dinner last night
I enjoyed my first pint last night since...April?
Some things just make sense: La Chouffe, bacon, and homemade Belgian waffles with Nutella for dinner on a quiet, snowy night.
Were it not for the sleeping newborn in her bouncy seat on our kitchen table, it would have been just like any other Saturday evening at home.
I'm starting to feel normal again.
Less shell shocked, more like myself.
Thinking less about stretch marks and a mushy abdomen and more about fresh Stans and adding a granny gear to my Salsa for the transition back to riding.

(and for what it's worth, I've thrown in the towel with breastfeeding...I am more than okay with this decision)

In roughly five weeks (maybe sooner??), I'll make an attempt to get back on the trails.
When the new year begins, it's time to reign it in.
When does the MASS schedule come out?
So out of touch.
So out of shape...

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