Wednesday, December 12, 2012

eat nap repeat

The past two days have given new meaning to "low energy."
I don't know if it's the gray skies or what, but I have been more inclined to want to crawl back into bed for a few hours more than anything else.
By December, the winter blues inevitably start to peck away at me, but I usually fight back with long rides and hard physical efforts outdoors.
I guess my long walks near home just aren't cutting it?
Or perhaps my body is telling me to slow down and save some energy for the big (biggest?) task at hand?

There have been tiny moments of motivation to cook and nest in between naps and endless cups of chamomile tea, so I seize them when the urge strikes.
Last night, I made lasagna...I've mastered ziti and homemade pasta and pizza dough from scratch and all kinds of goodies that would do Erma proud, but lasagna has somehow eluded me all these years.
Armed with a bit of guidance from Lidia, I assembled this little beauty for dinner while the boys went Christmas tree shopping.
(see, too tired to get a tree)
After fueling up on homemade goodness, Max cued up the Frosty DVD and we decorated our tree.

And of course even that wore me out and I fell asleep shortly after nine with my book splayed across my belly...

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