Monday, December 3, 2012

tomorrow he's 8

My son's been sick since Thanksgiving.
I took him to a new doctor this morning and he was promptly diagnosed with a double ear infection and
a sinus infection (this after 4 missed days of school, 2 and a half missed days of work for me, and 2 futile visits to our original pediatrician).
Anyway, he's finally getting some relief and that's all I really care about.

Tomorrow is Max's 8th birthday.
He's such an awesome kid and every day I feel lucky to be his mom.
I feel lucky that he clings to me when he's not feeling well...
I feel lucky that he feels confident enough to express outlandish ideas and ask me big questions...
I feel lucky that he's honest and sensitive and has a pretty keen bullshit detector...

I feel lucky that he's mine.
Happy 8th (!!) Birthday, Max!

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