Friday, January 18, 2013

all about me (4 weeks postpartum)

The days of cowering on the corner of the couch, tears inexplicably streaming down my face are waning...
it's been at least a week since I cried over burnt waffles or tight shoes.
As for those tight shoes? Slightly less snug.
I still can't wear my rings.
I've lost 20 lbs (yay!), but still have about 15 to go (and I imagine that will be no easy feat at age 37, but I will get it done).
What else?
I forget how to, seriously.
Most of my winter clothes fit a bit awkwardly right now and I'm used to wearing scrubs Monday through Thursday. 
Where does this leave me on days when it's just me and Maeve hanging out at home?
While I'd love to stay in PJs all day (and we have had our share of those days, trust me), I know that's a slippery slope...(and I don't think Max would appreciate me showing up at the bus stop in pajamas)
So, for now it's two pairs of jeans one size up from pre-pregnancy and a few sweaters or soft shirts that won't irritate the baby's skin (because I literally spend hours holding/cuddling/generally marvelling at her cuteness and I have found that wool sweaters irritate her).

So, yeah...that's four weeks postpartum.
Not bad.
Not bad at all, considering just four weeks ago I was in the throes of a pretty intense combination of flu-labor-delivery-recovery.

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