Wednesday, February 20, 2013


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this furniture is literally falling apart, but look at my sweet kids

Some days I am on my game...
The house is tidy and organized.
Dinner is healthy and delicious.
I've broken a sweat in pursuit of fitness.
The kids are in bed at a reasonable time without struggle.
Bill and I have a few peaceful minutes together to breathe and reflect on our day.

Some days I am not on my game suck...
The house is blown up before sunrise and stays that way (no, gets worse) until I wearily collapse at midnight.
Dinner is an embarrassingly close approximation of Snoopy's Thanksgiving feast (popcorn, toast, jelly beans).
I've broken a sweat in pursuit of getting my son out the door in time to narrowly catch the bus.
The kids are wired and bedtime is fraught with tears and whining and maybe even a skipped bath.
Bill and I are two ships passing in the night between diaper changes and feedings.

Although my daily routine could easily be viewed as drudgery by some, I could not be happier.
Today my son stayed home from school with a gnarly cold and it was such a relief to not have to scramble for childcare or (god forbid) call out of work to take care of my sick kid.

The pressure is off.
Here I am, here we are...
some days I suck, but most days I don't.

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Stephanie said...

They are beautiful! It's always nice to have days (most days for me) where you just don't have to think about it and can spend time with your littles :)