Sunday, February 24, 2013

postpartum badassness

Yesterday I did a longer ride with my dad...
The first ride with my dad in what seems like ages.
It didn't take long to fall back into the groove of fixing myself, sternly, to his wheel.
Lucky for me, the ride was plenty fun and without (his) ego.
I kept waiting for the moment where I'd crack or falter or lag or bungle...
instead, I felt surprisingly strong and sure (believe me, it wasn't a completely bungle-free ride, but still...)

In my experience, coming back from having a baby is different than coming back from illness or injury.
Right now, I feel like a badass because I just gave birth eight weeks's a pretty big deal no matter who you are or how your baby ends up being born.
I don't care if you had your baby with or without drugs, in a tub or under the knife...I don't care if your labor was thirty-six hours of hell or swift and smooth in the course of a breezy afternoon...I don't care if you lazed on the couch and ate Doritos for nine months or if you ran a marathon the day before contractions began...
Having a baby takes a huge toll on your body no matter who you are or how you do it, not to mention the immeasurable shift that takes place mentally.
So, yeah, I had a baby eight weeks ago...the most ordinary/extraordinary thing a woman can do, so I feel like a badass for now.
And I am going to harness that badass energy for as long as I can.
Because I have done this before and I know the feeling fades.
It shouldn't (because taking good care of a child is badass, in my book), but it does.
Until then, bring on the twice (thrice, if I am lucky) weekly ninety-ish minute rides because that's about all this "badass" can handle right now.

After all, I don't want to part with my little baby much more than the blink of an eye, she'll be running out the front door to chase her friends.
Just like her brother.


Jen Morrell said...

love this!! made me feel all "WOO-HOO!!" inside for you, me, and all moms. it does fade, though it most definitely should not. enjoy your rides... daylight savings time and warm weather are right around the corner!

Kim said...

thanks for commenting, happy this sentiment has resonated with someone else :)

Lauren said...

I love this!! I was thinking the same thing on one of my rides last week. Although I must admit, I also feel like a badass just making it to the grocery store and back without my little guy falling apart :) This is my first baby so I'm still getting the hang of everything!

Kim said...

Thanks for reading, Lauren!
How did you end up here?
Congratulations on your little guy & enjoy the ride(s)!