Monday, March 25, 2013

an interview with Max: roadtrips and getaways

Traveling with kids is easy when you have low flexible expectations and an open mind.
Ever since Max was a toddler, I've made sure we take to the road and enjoy a change of scenery a few times a year.
Some of our best memories have been made during impromptu jaunts to nearby cities (DC, OCNJ, Baltimore), often on the (fairly) cheap.
Following our trip to Philly this past weekend, Max was kind enough to share some thoughts about his travels...
Max, what is your favorite thing about staying in a hotel?
Jumping from bed to bed. And if there is a pool.
What do you like about visiting a new city or a part of a city you've been to before?
Discovering new stuff. Walking down the streets. Taking a taxi. 
What things should you bring from home to make your stay more comfortable?
Your favorite blanket and some of your toys. Maybe some snacks. Ritz crackers. They are one of my favorite snacks.
What are your favorite roadtrip tunes in the car?
The Clash. Gorillaz. Beastie Boys. 
Is there anything you don't like about staying in a hotel?
Where do you like to eat when you go away?
Buffets. Breakfast buffets because they have my favorite cereals.
Where are some of your favorite travel destinations?
Mohonk and New York City.
What is your favorite part of traveling?
Rock scrambling, finding new places to eat, breakfast buffets, museums, staying up late, watching movies on demand, and toy shopping.
Have you ever brought home a really cool souvenir from your travels? If so, what was it?
Yes. It was a hiking stick with a wolf carved on it from Mohonk Mountain House.
Did you ever eat anything really memorable (good or bad) while traveling?
Good: churros in Disneyworld. Bad: nothing.
Any advice for parents about taking their kids on little vacations or adventures?
When your kids are in a comic shop, give them as much time as they need. Make sure you have cash for cabs.
Cool. Thanks for your time, Max. Care to add anything?
No. I'm hungry. What's for breakfast?


Therese Given said...

ohhh, blog is looking purty... love the new design! I also love the fact that one of Max's good memories involves WDW :)

Kim said...

Thank you! I've been working on Max about WDW ;)
Maybe by the time we can afford it, he'll remember it more fondly!