Thursday, March 7, 2013

lacking (yesterday)

I was thankful that Max had a birthday party to go to (for 3 hours!), as there was no school (inservice day).
I was thankful that Maeve took several long naps (one on my chest, snuggled on the couch while I caught up on last Sunday's "Girls", lights off and volume waaaaaay down).
I was thankful Bill grabbed a pizza for dinner.

I was lacking patience, motivation...I was lacking kindness and compassion.
I was testy to my 8 year-old when he wanted to wrestle and play Transformers.
I was counting the minutes to bedtime (theirs) and bathtime (mine).
I considered having a beer while the tub filled, but didn't...alcohol would probably only compound the horrible way I have been feeling.
I have had a killer headache since...Friday (it's Thursday now), maybe that's why I was a groggy bitch all day.
It's been almost a week.
A seventy-two hour migraine, one visit to Urgent Care, one prescription for Maxalt, and several days of lingering migraine-hangover headaches...guess it has all caught up to me.
I can't be like this to my family (or myself), so I am seeing a specialist next week.
Maybe some answers, maybe some (non-narcotic, hopefully) relief.
Migraines suck and until I was afflicted with them myself, I always thought people who suffered from them just couldn't handle headaches.
Isn't that mean?     


Jill said...

Sending lots and lots of healing thoughts and good vibes your way. Migraines are horrible. I've had them since I was 18 months old and they can be truly debilitating. I'm hoping you find relief and peace soon. Gentle hugs from Kansas.

Kim said...

thanks, Jill...your comments always brighten my day (or night, as it were)!