Saturday, March 2, 2013

two months (a week ago...close enough)

I can't get over how much personality she has already...she doesn't even do anything yet, you know?
Yes, she does.
She smiles.
In the morning, I hear her gurgling and making tiny little sounds in her crib...
Quietly, I sneak into her room and gently say "good morning," waiting for her to look up and realize I am there...when she sees me and smiles, my heart pretty much melts and explodes all at once.
Every morning.

At two months, we have settled into a bit of a groove...our days have fallen into an easy, predictable routine.
The biggest (and most pleasant) development at the two-month mark is having a baby who consistently sleeps through the night.
I have nothing to attribute this to other than pure luck.
When my son was an infant, sleep was brutal...night time was an ominous, lonely black hole that filled me with dread.
At the time, my (ex)husband was working nearly seventy hours a week and I was an incredibly anxious (and likely depressed) new mom. I had expected breastfeeding to come naturally (it didn't) and naively dismissed the notion that it was a full-time job (it was). All nighttime duties fell solely on me and Max ended up sleeping in spurts, exclusively in his carseat, for the first four months of his life.
I remember it like it was yesterday...whatever works whatever works whatever works...
With Maeve, I braced myself for more of the same, but I guess I paid my dues because the sleep gods have mercifully smiled upon me.
(knock on wood)
What else is going on two months in?
She clearly digs the Scooby Doo theme song, much to the delight of her big brother.
Like me, she can't unwind without a long bath at the end of the day.
Any day now, I think we'll hear some baby laughter...her little voice kills me.
Also, Bill must have some seriously strong genes because his baby girl has been running marathons the way she kicks and moves her legs whenever she's on her blanket or play mat.  
Her hair is beginning to fill in (so long pitiful baby mullet) and there is definitely a hint of red (!!).
As for me, I love being home with my kids and I am proud of how relaxed I am this time around (thanks to an easygoing husband and very adaptable son).
I'm still sad about the way I was let go from my job, but that wasn't my identity anyway.
Although there are moments when I miss my friends or long for some interaction with grownups (which is when I saunter down to the Pernas midday and bug them for coffee or the new issue of Rolling Stone), I feel quite at home getting lost in the hours of simply marveling at a baby.   

Mostly though, Maeve was born just two months ago and it feels like she's been here with us all along...she  fits right in and goes with the flow.


Jill said...

All of your posts lately have left me so heartened--but this one in particular is just so great. Your identity as you is wonderful, strong and beautiful. And totally badass. Eight days till springing forward!

Kim said...

thank you, Jill...
perhaps it's time to rethink the name of my blog, though?
Not much action in the way of hardtail mtb adventures lately!

Anonymous said...

Finally getting caught up on your posts--sorry I've been such a poor reader! Makes me smile real big to see the pictures and hear you are riding and sleeping through the night! Miss you!

Kim said...

awwww, miss you, too, Lindsey! Thanks for checking in :)