Saturday, March 30, 2013

warm and dry

Quite a few firsts rounded out my afternoon ride at Harmony Hill:
  • first pasty-legged shorts-wearing outing this year (wow, my legs are ghastly and I don't even care right now)
  • first time out solo since almost a year ago
  • first time out postpartum on completely dry trails
  • first glimpse of daffodil blooms at the ruins (the bulbs we planted last November...I can't believe something that I helped plant grew and came back)

Coming home, I struggled a bit on the road due to poor nutrition this morning (meaning next to nothing).My mood, however, was greatly boosted by glorious sunshine and a bounty of springtime distractions.


Jill said...

Ahhh! Bliss! Good for you!!!!

Kim said...

bliss indeed...much needed/hard-earned bliss :)