Monday, April 8, 2013

a Sunday ride

My legs still feel pretty pummeled after yesterday's ride at Middle Run/White Clay...
In spite of my tailbone woes and insecurities about riding with new people, I truly enjoyed a perfect spring morning on some of my favorite trails.
The pace bounced between conversational and sprightly...challenging, yet I wasn't completely destroyed.
(okay, sitting outside by the fire last night while enjoying an anniversary Saison Dupont among friends, I was utterly destroyed...two hours in the saddle caught up with me in a hurry)

The past few rides have reminded me to let it go a bit...
I don't have to ride quite so gingerly, quite as protectively as when I was pregnant (although there is that faint voice mumbling something about "won't be easy to change diapers with a broken hand" or "not much room for any more concussions in your future").  
Confidence is slowly coming back and I'm really trying to make the most of every ride.

Post-baby, I've hit Harmony Hill, Brandywine, French Creek, and MR/WC...
Where to next? Wissahickon?
Although my fitness has yet to catch up with my enthusiasm, I am having fun on my bike again.

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