Wednesday, April 10, 2013

checking in: Week Two (the month without junk)

this ice cream is going to taste so f*cking May
It's been easier than I expected.
Although I wholeheartedly enjoyed myself during our anniversary/my birthday weekend, I don't feel like I over-indulged (a few cocktails and a shared dessert at one of our favorite date spots, beers and birthday cake with friends, nothing outrageous or regrettable).
By Monday, I was more than happy to get back on track.
Obviously, I am not seeing any results yet, but I feel better...I feel a little less loathsome about my post-baby body.
Mostly, I am letting common sense guide me and this is how:
  • I've been logging everything I eat. Why? It helps me see the big picture and stay balanced. I don't look at calories or fat grams or any numbers for that matter. Writing down what I consume throughout the day makes me feel more accountable and successful. I have also been better about hydration  now that I am keeping track of how many glasses of water I drink.   
  • I've been making/baking a lot of food from scratch (which means no sugar, no crap) turn, I've been having fun in the kitchen making great things for my family to eat.
  • We've been making a weekly meal plan and have actually been using it (which eliminates laziness and temptation to grab a pizza or Thai takeout). This is huge for us and has also helped us become less wasteful.
  • I've been more mindful about serving sizes (I'll measure out 1/4C of almonds for the day rather than reach into the bag for a handful every time I pass through the kitchen).
  • I've dusted off the blender and perfected a few reliable smoothie recipes for a quick breakfast.
  • I've also perfected homemade oatmeal, which is great for the mornings that I ride.
  • I haven't eaten anything after dinner. This one is kind of a biggie for me because we usually enjoy some ice cream or sorbet after the kids have gone to bed (not to mention my nightly ritual of dipping into my secret candy stash while the tub fills for my bath). Yeah, that one hurt a bit more than the others. 
So...nothing incredibly revelatory, but it feels good to have a plan.
As for the commitment to break a sweat every day? That's going well, too. I am riding at least twice a week and taking long walks/hikes on the other days.
My goals aren't too lofty.
I simply want to feel better about myself by the end of this month and hopefully fit into some of my clothes.
If these habits and changes stick, that will be a bonus...
A bonus I will toast to next month with an occasional brew (or Triple Monkey ice cream).
Or both.

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