Sunday, April 28, 2013

testy (4 months postpartum)

In spite of an awesome evening with my sweet family, I am super testy and mad at the world.
I'm out of patience with everyone (except the*t, she's cute and a good sleeper).
I feel like I could Hulk out or have an anxiety attack any second, but I'm too tired for all that nonsense.

I know what this is about, as evidenced by the handful upon handful of hair that has been falling out of my head for the past week.
Hormones are no joke.
Four months postpartum...if I remember correctly, four months was kind of a turning point.
On last deluge of hormonal trickery as things level out and return to "normal." (ha!)
I forgot about this until the hair thing first, in the shower, I was like, "What the f*ck?"
So. Much. Hair... falling out.
Followed by bad skin.
Losing hair and breaking out.

It took me a few days to put it together, but now I get it.
And this, too, shall pass...right?
And now I am waiting to see if this Sleep Regression thing is real (apparently all babies go through a horrendous sleep regression thing right around the four month mark...from what I understand, my wonderful little sleeper is going to turn on me and start waking every hour/minute, an inconsolable mess).
Either this is a new "thing" or I was oblivious to it the first time around because my son never slept anyway (and I was too sleep-deprived to care, let alone weed through what little information was out there on my slow-ass dial-up internet).
I'm not an idiot.
I know it's coming.
Whether it's this fabled Sleep Regression, good old fashioned teething or developmental milestones (I want to laugh/crawl/pull myself up, Mom! Sleep is DUMB!), it's coming and I am not braced for it.
(I know, I know...too bad)   

So, I'm pretty testy, but hopefully not for long.


*Yesterday I rode with Bill...
Our ride inspired me to draft a short post about getting out of my rut, but Blogger seems to be having issues with uploading photos, so this is what you get instead. 
Testy Kim bitching about hormones...xo


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