Tuesday, April 23, 2013

the rut

If you are new here, hi...and welcome to my rut.
I blame the spring-turned-back-into-winter this week.
I blame being off the bike for, like, sixteen days in a row (mostly by choice...I don't even know what happened).
Today I tricked one of my best friends (who also happens to have a baby girl) into coming over just so my baby could look at some different faces and hear other voices.
(okay, I was sick of my own voice)

At least I managed to change out of my Mom Suit before Bill came home this evening.

That's my rut and I can only be stuck here for a few more days before things get really ugly.
How do you get out of yours?


Merry*Death on a Bike said...

So hard to get out - we got hit with a bit more winter this week too, and it is sad how quickly that can derail the best laid training plans. Sometimes I think the best way to get out, is to let yourself wallow for a bit. There will be good biking soon!

Kim said...

So true! Years ago, I would have beaten myself up for wallowing, but now I realize the bikes aren't going anywhere and the fire will surely be back :)

Jen Morrell said...

I almost spit my coffee out when I read "Mom Suit"! That is hysterical and just turned my grumpy frown (from having to get up before the sun to run since Doug just left for the FH race and will be gone half the day) upside down. Btw, I have not ridden since we rode together! Have had Jessica two weekends in a row and have been busy with her. I allow a bit of wallowing, too. Just enough wallow and then I force myself out of it. Books help me. :)

Kim said...

Sadly, I seem to have several Mom Suits now...each just as hideous/unflattering/stretched/pill-y/faded as the other.
Hot ;)

Jen Morrell said...

There is no way your mom suits are as hideous as mine. I mean it! And I look like an ad for clearasil--but I'm the before pic. Totally feel your pain!! But, our bodies have done amazing things and WILL get back to "normal"... in exchange for all of these hormones, mother nature should have given us some sort of super power, like flying.