Monday, April 15, 2013

what do you do all day?

I bake a lot of goodies...(which explains the stubborn last six to ten lbs)

I sort mountains and mountains of laundry...occasionally, I put it away

I sit back and watch...

...and snap countless pictures

I cover this tiny one in kisses

and soak up all the affection I can from the big one, too (he's not too cool for it...yet)

A glimpse of my day.
We are not on a schedule, but we have fallen into a very comfortable (yet, flexible) groove.
Eat. Play. Nap. Repeat.
Maeve fits right in.
She is content to hang out in the kitchen while I empty the dishwasher or make pizza dough, but loves our little excursions outside, too.
She lights up when her brother gets off the bus and when her dad comes home.

I think she is starting to figure out who her people are, which is pretty amazing to watch.
We have a loose routine in place, a pattern to our everyday.

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Jill said...

So sweet. :) The goodies AND the routine!