Tuesday, May 28, 2013

holiday weekend...the low-key way

When I wasn't busy pouting about feeling like a social outcast lately, I realized how nice it was to have nothing (and I mean nothing) on our agenda.
This meant:
  • a few impromptu outings with baby in tow to enjoy a beer and change of scenery
  • a much-needed sunny stroll around Longwood Gardens 
  • good eats at home (lentil soup Friday night to greet winter's unwelcome return)
  • completion of long-neglected projects around the house (made infinitely more tolerable with the right company and good music)
  • ice cream (a Memorial Day weekend must) 
  • a ride/date at French Creek with my husband
  • a casual barbecue with my parents
  • some serious Lego Minecraft assembly alongside Max (he did most of the work, but I did find it oddly therapeutic)

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